Development Initiative for Self Reliance & Human advancement herein after referred to as “DISHA – INDIA” is a secular, social, apolitical, non-profit and a non government organization. Established in the year 2004 by some young Social activities, DISHA INDIA is working for the upliftment of socially and economically down trodden sections of society.

DISHA – INDIA is registered as a Public Charitable Trust. The organisation has been granted tax exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961. As such, all the donations made to DISHA INDIA qualify for tax exemption under section 80G.

DISHA-INDIA is managed by an executive Committee called the 'Governing Body' headed by Chairman. The Chairman and the Governing Body members are the person from different disciplines with varied experience.They re down to earth person with high integrity and proven past record. The Chairman as well as the Governing Bodymembers work in honary capacity and are not entitled for any remuneration whatsoever.

Aims and objectives:

• To improve the socio-economic conditions of deprived and less privileged    sections of society.
• To upgrade the educational and technical skills of poor and backward    people.
• To improve the health status of marginalized groups like women, children    and older persons.
• To create meaningful avenues of employment for youth especially women.
• To create awareness among the downtrodden sections of society.

Keeping in view its long term aims DISHA will undertake various programmes/projects and work towards eradicating poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and illness from the society. Efforts would be made to involve the community in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of various programmes and ensure maximum community participation.
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