Hari Plaza Complex,Purkhoo Camp,

Contact Person: P.K.Kaul
Tel No: 0191-250 2521

There is greatest ever need to work collectively for reviving the shattered economic and social structure of the community. The well to do sections of the community will have to come forward and bear this responsibility. This will definitely lead to long term solution of socio-economic problems existing in the community. We may be individually poor but as a community we are proud to have sufficient techno-economic resources. DISHA will endeavour towards self-releance of the community through self help and empowerment of marginalized groups.

DISHA appeals to philanthropists, social, activists, technocrats and professionals of the community for moral and financial support to initiate action for self help and self-releance.

You can send your donations either one time or regularly on monthly basis through cheque/demand draft in the name of “DISHA-INDIA” on the given address and thus be a part of this mission.

Your valuable inputs and suggestions are solicited for accomplishment of the laid down objectives.
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